Sabrina Sol 

Annette Chavez Macias


Coming 9/1/22

Four cousins navigate love, loss, and the meaning of family over the course of one memorable year in this heartfelt family drama.

Cousins Mari, Erica, Selena, and Gracie are inseparable. They aren’t just family but best friends—sharing secrets, traditions, and a fierce love for their abuelita. But their idyllic childhood ends when Mari’s parents divorce, forcing her to move away. With Mari gone, the girls’ tight-knit bond unravels.

Fifteen years later, Mari’s got the big house and handsome husband, but her life is in shambles. Erica’s boyfriend just dumped her, and her new boss hates her. Selena can’t seem to find her place in the world—not Mexican enough for her family, not white enough for her colleagues. And Gracie is a Catholic school teacher with an all-consuming crush, but she can’t trust herself when it comes to romance.

As rocky as the cousins’ lives have become, nothing can prepare them for the heartbreaking loss of a loved one. When tragedy reunites them, will they remember their abuelita’s lessons about family and forgiveness—or are fifteen years of separation too much to overcome?


 “A beautiful novel expertly weaving universal appeal with rich nuances of Mexican culture in a way that has me identifying with the characters, rooting for, laughing & crying along with them & wishing I had seat at their tamalada table! Romantic women’s fiction at its finest!”

—-Priscilla Oliveras, USA Today bestselling author of West Side Love Story

 “Big Chicas Don’t Cry is a life-affirming novel centered on relationships, love, and loss. This heartwarming family drama uses alternating points of view to skillfully reveal nuanced characters, tangible emotions, and the enduring ties of a Mexican American family. I adored every minute I spent with this familia. It was as if Chavez Macias took slivers of the people and experiences I’ve known and delicately etched them onto the page. An enduring family drama with heart, beauty, and vibrant culture." 

Diana Muñoz Stewart, bestselling author of the Black Ops Confidential Series

 “Poignant and real. Chavez Macias spins a beautiful tale of love, identity and family that feels like a warm and nourishing home-cooked meal.”

– Mia Hopkins, author of Thirsty

 “Reading Big Chicas Don't Cry is like being enveloped in the warm embrace of family, holidays, fiestas, and love.”

--Jennifer Bardsley, author of Sweet Bliss

 “The bond between cousins was beautifully written, including the blurry lines of family dynamics, its misconceptions, miscommunications, white and not so white lies that we tell to spare feelings that later come back to haunt us. What we keep to ourselves and what we share, and what comes to light no matter how hard you try to hide it from your familia. If you read L.A. Weather and loved the relationship amongst the Alvarado sisters, then this book is definitely for you.”

-Monica Lazo, Voz y Vida book blog


Official Bio

Annette Chavez Macias writes stories about love, family and following your dreams. She is proud of her Mexican-American heritage, culture and traditions. All of which can be found within the pages of her books. For those readers wanting even more love stories and guaranteed happily ever afters, Annette also writes romance under the pen name Sabrina Sol. A Southern California native, Annette lives just outside Los Angeles with her husband, three children and four dogs.
RIGHTS INFORMATION: Annette is represented by Sarah E. Younger of the Nancy Yost Literary Agency. All inquiries regarding the availability of rights can be directed to the agency’s rights manager via Rights @ nyliterary [dot] com. 

Follow your dreams.

When I was 2 years old, I was a beauty pageant queen. I don't remember much about that day. Really, all I know is what I've seen from pictures like this one.  But I can say with certainty that I'm sure my dream that day was to win the trophy that was bigger than me. Why? Because what girl doesn't want to be queen for a day?

So with that dream checked off my list, I eventually pursued another one. I wanted to be an author. 

I was the kid in class who clapped her hands in excitement when the teacher assigned essays as homework. Spelling was my favorite subject because I'd get to create stories from that week's list of new words. As an angsty teen, I wrote poems about tragic romances and unrequited love. I was obsessed with reading books by Judy Blume, the Sweet Valley High saga and, when I could sneak them, my mom's Harlequin romance novels. 

I realized I could actually get paid for writing stuff and became a newspaper reporter. And later, went into public relations and marketing.

But I still craved to be an author of my own stories -- the ones I created late at night in my head instead of sleeping. It took 38 years after that beauty pageant to finally realize my true passion -- I became a published author. 

Love is still at the center of the books that I write. Sometimes it's complicated and messy. Most of the time, it's wonderful and beautiful. 

I'll probably never ever get a trophy for writing these stories like the one I got when I was a 2-year-old beauty pageant queen. But at least I'll remember every moment of being an author. 

I'm proof that it's never too late to follow a dream.

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